Extraordinaire Threading

ExtraordinAirâ„¢ Threading


Overlockers are renowned for being difficult to thread. There are usually anywhere between 20 to 30 threading points which need to be threaded in specific order, each time a thread breaks or a different colour is required. This process is complicated, troublesome and time consuming and can result in many annoyances including twisted threads and constant thread breakage.

The Baby Lock ExtraordinAir Threading system eliminates these problems. With this exclusive system, threading can be completed in less than ONE minute. Imagine how much time you will save if you don't have to worry about threading!


Simply insert thread into each of the threading ports, press the button and a jet of air shoots the threads through all loopers. How easy is that?

The ExtraordinAir threading system was released onto the word market in 2009. The threading ports are connected to the end of the loopers by two or three tubes, depending on the model of machine. These tubes connect when the threading system is engaged. A burst of air is created when the button is pressed, the threads are taken through the tubes with the air flow.

These tubes also provide a number of other benefits as well as easy and quick threading. These tubes prevent threads from tangling. The machine can be threaded in any order whereas other overlockers must be threaded in a particular order. The threads do not need to be placed neatly under the foot before sewing, they can be left as they are when the threading is complete and the threads will not tangle. One looper thread can be changed on the machine and rethreaded without the need to unthread and then rethread the needles. It is quicker to thread the looper from scratch rather than tying the new thread onto the old one!

The tubes used to carry the thread in ExtraordinAir Threading systems cannot be blocked under normal sewing conditions. As the machine is stitching, the threads are travelling through the same threading tubes preventing a build up of lint and fluff.

The only difference between Jet Air Threading and ExtraordinAir Threading is that the ExtraordinAir threading system is automatically activated allowing all loopers to be threaded instantly. For people who have difficulty using their hands, or are suffering the pain of arthritis etc, the ExtraordinAir system is easier and preferable.

ExtraordinAir Threading allows you to:

  1. Thread in any order
  2. Thread the entire machine in under one minute
  3. Thread ALL loopers at once
  4. Change any thread without re-threading the rest
  5. Stop worrying about tangled threads!


ExtraordinAir Threading is a patented feature exclusive to Baby Lock machines only.