Baby Lock Patents

Baby Lock Patents


ExtraordinAir™/Jet Air Threading

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse, Coverstitch)

Baby Lock overlockers are equipped with the “ExtraordinAir” or “Jet Air Threading System” making them the easiest overlockers to thread. One touch of a button/lever and a jet of air will blow the threads through the loopers. Read more...


Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD)

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine)

Commonly known as the “No Tensions” system, it delivers a length of thread to form a balanced stitch instead of putting tension on the thread. You simply select A B C or D depending on stitch required. Read more...


Tubular Loopers

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse, Coverstitch)

Baby Lock models have enclosed tubes for the looper threading paths. Threads aren't exposed so there's nothing left to tangle. As well as this, threads can be left where they lie, not tucked under the foot.


Looper Drive System

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse)

This new pivot system allows the motion of the loopers to be driven more directly from the main shaft. This creates a smoother sewing motion with less vibration. It also allows the machine to stitch smoother and at greater speeds than ever before.


Advanced Knife Driving System & One-way Clutch System

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse)

The limitations on how heavy a fabric an overlocker can cut is most often not determined by how strong the motor is, but by the strength of the knife system. Even the heaviest fabrics simply cannot spread the Baby Lock’s lower-mounted, rigid knife system apart. The larger bite allows for easy cutting on thick, bulky fabrics as well.


Dial Adjustable Stitch Length & Automatic Rolled Hem

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse)

A convenient dial controls the stitch length for any stitch. You can even dial a longer or shorter stitch without stopping the machine. This feature makes it easy to customize the stitch dimensions to any fabric or thread.  Baby Lock overlockers convert to a rolled hem setting simply by turning the stitch length dial which automatically moves the stitch finger. This easy, instant conversion eliminates the need to change presser foot or needle plate and also eliminates any risk of damaging the stitch finger by removing it manually.


Chain and Cover Tension Disks

(Evolution, Evolve)

Unlike other cover or chain stitch machines, the Baby Lock Evolution and Evolve have only one dial for all three chain/coverstitch needle tensions. Balances all three threads with one adjustment, saving time and hassles.


Fabric Support System

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse)

The dial adjustable stitch width adjusts the lower knife from 3.5 – 7.5 mm from the blade to the left overlocking needle. The advantage of this system is the width of the stitch is adjustable on any overlock stitch to accommodate different weights of fabric. With a Baby Lock the position of the stitch finger moves with the position of the cutting blade. This prevents the stitches from rolling the edge of the fabric on a wider stitch width and from looping over the fabric edge on a narrower stitch width.


Vertical Needle Penetration

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse, Coverstitch)

Baby Lock are the only overlockers with completely vertical needle positioning, rather than the traditional slanted needle position. This vertical orientation increases the penetrating power. This allows for overlocking on heavy fabrics, minimising needle deflection and will not push or damage delicate fabrics.


Full Featured Single Unit Differential Feed

(Evolution, Evolve, Enlighten, Imagine, Eclipse, Coverstitch)

The Baby Lock differential feed is a superior system for gathering. While most overlockers use large numbers of working parts to control this differential feed function, Baby Lock overlockers feature a single-unit design. Both feed dogs are controlled directly from the main drive shaft allowing for more consistency in feeding various fabrics.


Chain Off for Cover Stitch

(Evolution, Evolve, Coverstitch)

The Baby Lock Evolution & Evolve are the first domestic overlockers in the world that are actually made to “chain off” the cover stitch. No need to start or stop on the fabric to retain cover stitch formation. Finally chain stitching is just as convenient as overlocking.


Needle Threading System


The Baby Lock Enlighten is equipped with a two-step needle threading system for quick and easy threading. Push the button/lever down to lock the needle threader in place, position the thread in the mechanism and then simply push the lever again to thread the needle.


Thread Delivery Unit for Wave Stitch

(Evolution, Enlighten)

The wave stitch is a versatile decorative stitch available only on Baby Lock models. It is created by the thread delivery unit, which works in conjunction with the ATD system to rhythmically grip and release the thread, creating a perfect wave pattern.