Christmas Bon Bon

Get festive with your creativity with this decorative Christmas Bon Bon.







Rolled Hem Dream Catcher

Play with gorgeous decorative threads, and use the braid created on the overlocker to make beautiful dream catchers


IMG 2198





Rolled Hem Bracelet

Using the elastic foot, some wire and beads - get creative using the rolled hem on your overlocker.

bracelet project 037




Overlocked Gored Skirt

A fantastic adaptable pattern, constructed using a four thread overlock for seaming and coverstitch for the hem.

bracelet project 010




Ovation Coverstitch Ribbon Cushion

Using the tape guide on the standard foot with 6mm ribbon.

coverstitch ribbon cushion project 040




Ovation Vintage Shawl

Soft knit fabric work beautifully with woolly nylon in the rolled hem and a chain stitch to gather and topstitch.

IMG 1012




Christmas Bottle Gift Bag

A simple and pracitcal gift idea uses 3mm piping and basic overlocking.


bottle bag pics for notes 09-11 044




Ovation After Five Wrap

This project uses the extra space on the Ovation to applique with coverstitch.

Ovation Wrap Project 003




Bias Cut Rolled Hem Scarf

This project is simple and beautiful and uses only a three thread rolled hem


Bias cut Scarf project melb 2012 040



Overlocker Accessory Pouch

This project is designed for Baby Lock 8 thread combination overlocker & coverstitch machines or a four thread overlocker and coverstitch machine.


accessory pouch pics 033





Basic Overlocked Child's Skirt

Sizing ages 2 to 10, requires a gathering foot


tiered skirt project 006





Overlocked Apron

Requires a 3mm piping foot, completed using only overlock stitches.


Apron project finished 004





Flatlock & Chain Stitch Cosmetic Bag

This project has been designed for a Baby Lock 8 thread combination overlocker and coverstitch machine, for a four thread overlocker the chain stitch work can be omitted or stitched on a separate coverstitch machine.


 cosmetic bag final 040



Outdoor Food Cover

This is a great fast and easy project using three thread overlocking.