Decorative Threads

Decorative Threads


All Designer Threads are made in Japan, and are available exclusively through Baby Lock Retailers.



Bobbinfil Thread


Bobbinfil is a continuous filament polyester thread ideal for use as a bobbin thread or as a fine strong thread for sewing and overlocking fine fabrics, eliminating bulky seams and finishes. It is also great for blind hemming by machine or overlocker. It is a fine weight thread which allows more thread to be wound on the bobbin, ensuring longer stitching time when machine embroidering.

Available in black and white on extra large 2000m spools.

Cameo Thread


Cameo is a high lustre, heavy rayon yarn for bobbin work, cross-stitch, overlocking and more. It has a low twist giving a high lustre finish. This thread bulks out after stitching to fill the gaps between stitches for full coverage in decorative edge stitching or in flatlock. It is beautiful to use for couching on the sewing machine, or couching on the Sashiko Quilting Machine (crossing the threads in front of the forming Sashiko stitch).

The tempting colours of the most elegant decorative overlocking thread on the market will have your creative juices flowing. They are soft and pliable so they work easily alone or blended with other threads. Their smooth and soft consistency makes them perfect for many overlocker and sewing machine projects. Cameo has a unique sheen and its slight twist keeps it from fraying unlike other similar products on the market.


Available in 21 colours on 200m spools

Moonlight Thread


This thread is a lightweight metallic, 8 ply, yarn-like product. It will add the glitz to your project whether on the surface, using a reverse chain stitch, in the bobbin for decorative bobbin work or through the overlocker loopers. It can also be used in embellishing, cross stitch, needle-point hand work, punch embroidery or crochet or through cording and couching feet on the sewing machine. This thread is too thick, however, to fit through the eye of any machine needle.

You will be surprised how soft moonlight decorative thread is. This thread is washable, colourfast and has many uses. It was originally developed as a blending yarn for knitting by hand or machine. It creates a thick glittery feature on projects such as placemats, quilts and dressmaking.

Moonlight thread is available in 17 colours on 100m spools.

Pearl Thread


This highly twisted, thicker rayon is a versatile decorative thread that will suit many of your creative needs, both on the overlocker and the sewing machine.

You will find Pearl to be one of the most versatile decorative threads on the market. It can be used in the upper and/or lower looper of your overlocker, plus it can be used in the bobbin of your sewing machine for decorative bobbin work. This thread is great for use with the Baby Lock wave stitch and flatlocking, and also creates a beautiful bulky rolled hem. It is also good for cross-stitch, tatting, crochet, needlepoint and knitting. The fibres are continuous filament and it is virtually hairless. It is colour fast and easily washable, and also more durable than some other heavy rayon threads.

Pearl is available in 26 solid colours and 2 variegated colours on 150m spools.

Woolly Metallic Thread


This is a woolly nylon thread twisted with a metallic strand and is ideal for rolled hems and overlocking. A single strand of metallic filament transforms our original thread into the beautifully elegant Metallic Woolly Nylon. Add a touch of glitz to fine tucks and ruffles on party attire, napkin or tablecloth edges, and just about any decorative sewing project you want to dress up.

Wooly Metallic is available in 9 colours on 250m and 500m spools.

Woolly Nylon Thread


What makes the original Woolly Nylon different? It is a textured, yarn-like thread that is incredibly soft, yet unsurpassed in strength and durability. The inherent crimp or curliness of the multifilament strand provides elasticity and ravel-free finishing which is not possible with any other thread.

Woolly Nylon is perfect for swimwear, lingerie, dance costumes, children’s wear, dress fabrics. Just about anything! It produces beautiful, durable rolled edges on ruffles, napkins and much more. Used in the upper looper, Woolly Nylon fills in the stitches to cover the edge where a rolled hem is used. Used in the lower looper, it helps roll the edge by further tightening the tension. This thread looks fantastic combined with a heavy decorative thread in a Wave stitch (exclusive to the Baby Lock Enlighten and Evolution). Other applications include combining with yarn when knitting, used to seam knit pieces, elastic applications and much more. Decorative possibilities galore!

Wooly Nylon thread is available in 20 colours on 1000m spools.


Woolly Nylon has also been developed into two sub-ranges:
Woolly Metallic (see above) and
Woolly Variegated (see below)


Woolly Variegated Thread


Designer Threads has a unique range of spectacular colours for edging on overlocking. This thread is the same as our original woolly nylon thread with a little spice added. Variegated Woolly Nylon is multicoloured so it produces delightful patterns in rolled hems, seaming on the right side and reverse coverstitch.

Woolly Nylon Variegated in 7 colours available on 1000m spools.