Overlocker Comparison

Overlocker Comparison

Select up to 3 overlockers to compare their features.

  • Gloria


    The Gloria – Overlocking & Coverstitching Redefined – with the latest technology “RevolutionAir Threading” for Looper and needle threading, amazing workspace, 6mm presser foot height, 6 LED lights, variable speed control and knee lift – will allow you to conquer your Overlocking and Coverstitch in a way you never thought possible. View the full description...

  • Ovation


    The Ovation is the flagship of the Baby Lock range, with unparalleled features – from the largest workspace available to its 6 LED Lights, Variable Speed Control and Knee-lift – ensuring your overlocking and coverstitching is elevated to a higher level. View the full description...

  • Evolution


    The Evolution is an eight thread overlocker/coverstitch machine with every feature you could possibly imagine. This 2-in-1 machine offers an amazing variety of 79 stitch options including overlock stitches, chain and cover stitches as well as Baby Lock's exclusive wave stitch. View the full description...

  • Evolve


    The Baby Lock Evolve is an eight thread overlocker/coverstitch machine that takes your creativity to new levels. This 2-in-1 machine offers an amazing variety of coverstitch and overlocking options. You can also combine overlock and chain stitches to form expressive 5,6,7 and 8 thread stitches. View the full description...

  • Enlighten


    The Baby Lock Enlighten is simply the best 4-thread overlocker available on the market. Designed for ease of use, the Enlighten offers 11 patented features exclusive to Baby Lock. View the full description...

  • Imagine


    The Imagine revolutionized the world of Overlocking with exclusive features like Automatic Thread Delivery (ATD), Jet Air Threading, tubular loopers and needle threaders - making it one of the easiest overlockers to thread. View the full description...

  • Enspire


    The Baby Lock Enspire EX is an enhanced version of the original Eclipse DX. The Enspire was released early 2014, featuring Jet Air Threading which threads both Upper and Lower Loopers with a burst of air. The Enspire also features built in needle threader, full range differential feed, micro-matic twin cam tension system, 2 LED lights and a shorter distance between the cutting blade and the foot which allows easier stitching of curves. View full description...

  • Coverstitch


    The BLCS is a coverstitch/chain stitch machine that enables sewers to achieve a commercial finish on all dressmaking and home decor projects. The BLCS effortlessly creates triple, wide and narrow coverstitch as well as chain stitch. View the full description...