A Pictorial History

A Pictorial History of Baby Lock


Baby Lock proudly presents you with the evolution of the overlocking experience.
Take the journey from then to now!


1956 -Wooden Prototype

It began as a dream to redesign the industrial overlocker for home use.


1963 - First Prototype

The dream was soon to become a reality with the first working prototype.


1967 - Model EF-205

The EF-205 was the first mass produced Baby Lock overlocker (one needle two thread overlocker)


1968 - Model EA-305

This model had two needles and was a four thread safety stitch machine.


1970 - Model EF-405

This was the first Baby Lock 3-thread overlocker, the EF-405 featured one needle, feed dogs, magic slide thread guide and super looper.


1971 - Model EA-605

The First Baby Lock 4-thread Overlocker, this was an improvement on the EA-305. The EA-605 overlocker and double chain stitch needles could be used interchangeably or together for a safety stitch. Cut and sew at the same time.


1977 - Model EF-405M

This model was a one needle, three thread overlocker featuring a narrow rolled hem and adjustable stitch width.


1978 - Model BL3-407

A one needle, three thread overlocker with a narrow rolled hem – an improved version of the EF-405M


1984 - Model BL3-418

This model featured colour coded threading, new cosmetics and a built in lamp.


1986 - Model BL4-428

This was a two needle, four thread overlocker featuring dial adjustable stitch width and free-arm overlocking.


1987 - Model BL4-436DF

The DF in the name of this model stands for differential feed; this was the first Baby Lock to have this feature, thus eliminating puckering and uneven feed.


1990 - Model BL4-838D

Always looking to improve the Baby Lock technicians designed the QTS - Quick Threading System for this model.


1990 - Model BL-101

The first straight needle household blind hemming machine, this light-weight unit creates a commercial blind hem stitch. 


1993 - Model BLE1-DX / Eclipse DX

This was the first model to featuring the Jet-Air Thread System, full range differential feed unit and twin cam tension unit. 


1994 - BL-101 won the Good Design Prize of the Year in Japan


1995 - Model BLE1-SX

A two needle, four thread overlocker featuring the Easy Glide Threading System.


1996 - Model BLE 1-LX / Eclipse LX

The Eclipse LX was an improvement on the DX as it had an LCD screen which contained all the settings for various stitches, thus eliminating referring to the instruction manual.


1996 “Jet-Air Threading” won the Invention Grand Prix of the Year in Japan


1996 - Model BLE 1-AT / Imagine

The Imagine was released in 1996 and is still available today.  Featuring Jet Air Threading System, full range differential feed and ATD - Automatic Thread Delivery system, eliminating tensions forever!


1999 - Model BLE8 / Evolve

The first eight thread combination machine to be released on the market. This had all the overlocking features of the Imagine and included coverstitch. The eight threads made it easier to change from overlocking to coverstitch and back again, giving the home sewer a possible 58 stitch options.


2001 - Model BLCS / Coverstitch Machine

A stand alone coverstitch machine, featuring Jet-Air Threading on the looper, triple, wide (6mm) or narrow (3mm) coverstitch and chain stitch. 


2003 - Model BLE3-ATW / Imagine Wave

The Imagine Wave was released complete with patented wave stitch technology, and improved rolled hem adjustment making it easier to stitch curves.


2003 - Model EMB7 / Embellishing Machine

The EMB7 Embellisher, a new and revolutionary machine to the Australian market featuring seven barbed needles, free arm, perfect for felting and free motion embellishing.


2005 - Model BLE8W / Evolve Wave

The BLE8W – Evolve Wave is released with all the features of the Evolve PLUS the exclusive wave stitch and a total of 79 stitch options.


2006 - Model BL097 / Stellar

Mid-range overlocker the Stellar is released to the Australian market with 180 degree rotating door for easy threading.


2008 - Model EMB12 / Twelve Needle Embellishing Machine

Featuring 12 barbed needles, a yarn threading port, ribbon and yarn guides.



2009 - Model BLE1DX-2 / Exlipse DX2

All the features of the original, with a shorter stitch length-starting at .75 and a new look with white covers replacing the ivory covers.


2009 - Model BLE1AT-2 / Imagine 2

A facelift on the original model, a shorter stitch length starting at .75, improved rolled hem adjustment allowing the cutting blade to sit closer to the needles making it easier to stitch curves, and a fresh look with white covers.




2009 - BLE3ATW-2 / Enlighten

This model replaced the Imagine Wave, featuring the ExtraordinAir threading system - both loopers thread with the touch of a button, 3 LED lights, shorter stitch length and white covers.


2009 - Model BLE8W-2 / Evolution

Production on the Evolve Wave ceased and a new version was born in the Evolution.  With and even easier threading system, all loopers thread with the push of a button - ExtraordinAir Threading System, a brighter lighting system- 3 LED lights, a shorter stitch length-starting at .75 and white covers instead of ivory. Still with the exclusive Wave Stitch and 79 stitch options.




2009 - Model BLQK / Sashiko Quilting Machine

The Sashiko model BLQK, a revolution in the sewing industry, a machine which only has a bobbin thread and a needle with a hook in the front and a latch wire. With adjustable stitch length and space, it’s perfect for quilting, topstitching on garments, stitching out traditional Sashiko designs and anywhere a hand stitched look is required.


2014 - BLE1 EX / Enspire

The Enspire was released early in 2014 and is an enhanced version of the Eclipse DX. Featuring Jet-Air Threading, micromatic twin cam tension system, 2 LED lights and a shorter distance between the blade and the needles which ensures easier stitching of curves.




2014 - BLES8 / Ovation

Released in August 2014, the Ovation features ExtraordinAir threading, ATD system, 6 LED lights, 5 inch throat space, knee lift, variable speed control, needle screw guard, front mounted presser foot lifter and so much more. This amazing unit is top of the range, and with a full set of accessories available it really is the complete combination overlocker and coverstitch machine.